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If they try to stop us from having safe, plentiful, and reproduceable synergistically balanced and healthy-free abortions, we will march and protest along with other highly sophisticated, church offending when necessary, schemes. We are on the frontlines fighting for abortion rights for ALL women, birthing fathers, trans, trans-x, pre-teen trans, pre-teen trans-x, and every LGBTQ+EI-EIO person that wishes to have one or many. They may tell you on the other side that they’re doing God’s work by keeping us from our abortions, but we are here to tell you now and to testify, that we are all the children of Ruth. We are here to actually protect life – the lives of democratic younger people that are not only smarter by half than all those right leaning Republican meddler assholes, but who are also empowered when sharing the information they learn on the internet and from close friends and like minded individuals. If you have any free time on your hands or are in between jobs right now, please join us!

With today’s prevalent bad reputation for the entire abortion procedure, we have no other choice but to bring our coat hangers out of the closet! Help us as we fight for your rights to live your life the way you see fit! You only live once and life is important, so don’t let anybody tell you what you can do with your body. “If we really really put our minds to it, tomorrow or even as soon as next week, could be the day when we start to work on all of these tough problems together.” -Ruth

Our List Of Demands are the following:

FREE ABORTION for ALL women, birthing fathers, trans, trans-x, pre-teen trans, pre-teen trans-x, and every LGBTQ+EI-EIO person or designated entity. This is a cost that young people should not have to worry about incurring. Federally funded abortion healthcare is a Human Rights Issue!

MINIMUM LIVING WAGE of at least $55 dollars per hour. We had $35/hour listed here earlier, but we all decided that $55/hour will work much better. Democracy in action! Try living outside of a tent on the streets for any less. It is not possible and this is also a Human Rights Issue.

FEDERAL SUBSIDIZED HOUSING should be a mandatory platform your congressperson obtains for their constituents. We suggest that the Federal Government pay at the very minimum 80% of your house payment, including electricity, heat, cable-internet.

FOOD PROCUREMENT ENTITLEMENTS of 100% is also a HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE. The United States spends upwards of 800 BILLION dollars every year on defense alone. It would take far less to pay for its citizens to dine out and have food stability in their households.

NO MORE GUNS just makes sense. Let’s take them all away and see how everything would immediately change for the better.

FREE HEALTHCARE for all. 100% paid for. Any health need or elective procedures are to be all paid for. This is also a HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE. We have the technology and money, let’s do it!

FIFTY TWO WEEKS maternity/paternity/transernity/LGBTQ+ernity leave for every women, birthing fathers, trans, trans-x, pre-teen trans, pre-teen trans-x, and every LGBTQ+ person that wishes to have one or many. ONE HUNDRED AND FOUR WEEKS maternity/paternity/transernity/LGBTQ+ernity leave if you have twins of either gender.

FREE CHILDCARE 100% paid for is also an INFRASTRUCTURE RIGHTS ISSUE. This demand also is redeemable for the addition of new pets to your family.

TRANSPORTATION STIPEND for each citizen of $900 per month. Electric cars are expensive and if we can’t make it to our jobs, the White Supremacists won’t have their workforce! We also need to have an electric vehicle in every garage provided by the government. Though it should not be a Tesla if at all possible because Elon Musk should not be trusted.

FREE EDUCATION for all. HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE. We can afford to send our kids to the best of schools or on a geographical learning sabbatical.

DEFUND POLICE because they don’t do their jobs well at all. So let’s fire them and hire more social workers that truly care and are Cultural Sensitivity and Inclusivity certified.

CLIMATE CHANGE needs to happen today! We demand lower global temperatures by an average of 2 degrees Celsius by 2025. We can do it if we all try hard! Together. Reports on the government’s progress will be made to us DAILY!

LEGAL IMMUNITY for all. This is something our forefathers and foremothers and all the women, birthing fathers, trans, trans-x, pre-teen trans, pre-teen trans-x, and every LGBTQ+EI-EIO fought for. The law is based factually in societal racism and slavery and must be abolished. We can make this happen. Anyone violating your rights gets to go to prison. See if they like it.

EMOTIONAL AND EQUITY INCLUSION REPARATIONS of $150 Million dollars each will be dispersed by our government. A pool of White Supremacy Guilt Money will also be collected and distributed. This is all common sense and a compassionate well thought out response to the evils, the powers that be, that have rained down upon and weightily rested on our shoulders.

PROPERTY/CITY PROCUREMENT FOR CITY-STATE like Vatican City to be created. So we can rule our own. All museums and facilities will be open to everyone for any reason. Abortion will be 100% legal and plentiful there. There will be no stealing elections there. One voting-person equals one vote. All handled by an immutable and verifiable blockchain solution like bitcoin, so we will all need some free bitcoin.

DISARM OUR SCHOOLS by taking away all police and guns from our schools that do so much damage and take away so much life. There is no reason why there should be AR-15s in our schools! 22mm assault rifles and 12-gauge machine gun AR-15s are not for children! Period. They will just keep killing each other in their classrooms with them.

ABORTION SIGNUP KIOSKS in all schools including elementary. Kids will get the wrong information usually from their peers or uninformed heterosexual White Supremacist racist parents if these kiosks aren’t there to provide truthful and timely information and service to our precious young ones.

As we think of more entitlements that are also human rights issues, we will post those here.


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Chuck Schumer for insightfully saying that the Supreme Court Justices “Will Pay The Price”. What sounds like a threat to many doesn’t necessarily mean it was. Freedom of Speech in action! Thanks to Sen. Schumer for keeping the Justices on their toes. Those Justices will now certainly think twice before they make any decisions that may affect your rights to kill, maim, rip apart, whatever the hell you want to do to whatever is inside you, whether you’re a woman, birthing father, trans, transx, LGBTQ+EI-EIO additional designations.

You can help by sending us your donation. Every little bit of money that you give, helps to make all of our voices louder. We can win this with your help, please donate today and often if you have the means! Every woman, man, trans, transx, non-binary, and LGBTQ+EI-EIO needs to stand up right now and let their voices be heard and clearly understood.

As this is a new movement, please give us time to complete our website. Check back soon to continue to donate and learn more. Thank you very much for your help and remember to tell all of your friends that Ruth Sent

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